Gentle flavours, beneficial maturing, selected cultures and artisanal approach – these are the features of our nut-based spreads and blocks.

Maskone is mascarpone’s closest call, with soft and creamy texture, delicate taste and attuned for desserts or toppings;

Sirma is perfect for salad crumbles, sandwiches or baking, with a more developed consistency and richer taste.

Delikates is our most matured bar, maintaining nice yellow colour thanks to the turmeric. It is amazing on pizza or roasted sandwich.

Coming from the country of the authentic yogurt, we have the advantage of thousands of years of milk maturing traditions.

Our products are manufactured with the finest responsibly-cultivated cashews, triple filtered water and most importantly – scientifically proven beneficial probiotic strains of lactobacillus, bifido and thermophiles bacteria, which, as part of a healthy diet, maintain improved digestive condition.

Supporting your digestive and immune systems have never been so easy for vegans. Just grab our Cashew, Almond, Soy, Hemp, Hazelnut or Coconut soft creams and enjoy great taste plus the unquestionable benefits of products, fermented with probiotic cultures Lactobacillus Bulgariccus and Streptococcus Thermophilus, both of which are a result of millennia of traditions and rigorous science.

For best eating experience combine with various syrups, jams or fruits.